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How to install an operating system onto a RAID volume (F6 install method) - Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager

In order to install an operating system onto a RAID volume, the RAID option must be enabled in the system BIOS, a RAID volume must be created, and the F6 installation method must be used to load the Intel® Matrix Storage Manager driver during operating system setup.
Note     The F6 installation method is not required for Microsoft Windows Vista*.

Enable RAID in System BIOS

Use the instructions included with your motherboard to enable RAID in the system BIOS.

The following instructions are specific to Intel® Desktop Boards. The exact BIOS settings on all other motherboards may differ.

   1. Click F2 to enter the BIOS Setup program after the Power-On-Self-Test (POST) memory test begins.
   2. Click the Advanced menu.
   3. Click the Drive Configuration menu.
   4. Switch the Drive Mode option from Legacy to Enhanced.
   5. Enable Intel® RAID Technology.
   6. Click F10 to save the BIOS settings and exit the BIOS Setup program.

Create a RAID Volume

Use the following steps to create a RAID volume.

   1. When the Intel Matrix Storage Manager option ROM status screen appears during POST, click Ctrl and i at the same time to enter the Intel Matrix Storage Manager option ROM user interface.
   2. Click Option 1: Create RAID Volume and click Enter.
   3. Use the up or down arrow keys to select the RAID level and click Enter.
   4. Unless you have selected RAID 1, use the up or down arrow keys to select the strip size and click Enter.
   5. Click Enter to select the physical disks.
   6. Select the appropriate number of hard drives by using the up or down arrow keys to scroll through the list of hard drives and click Space to select the drive. When finished, click Enter.
   7. Select the volume size and click Enter.
   8. Click Enter to create the volume.
   9. At the prompt, click Y to confirm volume creation.
  10. Click Option 4: Exit and click Enter.
  11. Click Y to confirm your exit.

Install the RAID Driver Using the F6 Installation Method

Perform the following steps to install the Intel Matrix Storage Manager driver during operating system setup:

   1. Click F6 when you see a message in the status line that says, Press F6 if you need to install a third party SCSI or RAID driver. This message appears at the beginning of Windows XP* setup (during text-mode phase).
      Note     Nothing will happen immediately after pressing F6. Setup will temporarily continue loading drivers. You will then be prompted with a screen asking you to load support for mass storage device(s).
   2. Click S to Specify Additional Device.
   3. When you see a prompt that says, Please insert the disk labeled Manufacturer-supplied hardware support disk into Drive A:, insert ;a floppy disk containing the following files: IAAHCI.INF, IAAHCI.CAT, IASTOR.INF, IASTOR.CAT, IASTOR.SYS, and TXTSETUP.OEM.
      Note     Use the Floppy Configuration Utility to create a floppy disk with the necessary files.
   4. Click Enter.
   5. Select your controller from the list of available SCSI adapters. Use the up and down arrow keys to scroll through the list as all controllers may not be visible.
   6. Click Enter to confirm your controller and continue. At this point, you have successfully installed the Intel Matrix Storage Manager driver and Windows setup should continue. Leave the floppy disk in the floppy drive until the system reboots. Windows setup will need to copy the files again from the floppy to the Windows installation folders. Once Windows setup has copied these files again, remove the floppy disk so that Windows setup can reboot as needed.
   7. During Windows setup, create a partition and file system on the RAID volume as you would on any physical disk.

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