Sunday, December 13, 2009

A good way to request a friend to stop forwarding junk mails and jokes

Dear friend,

While I appreciate you thinking of me, I must tell you that the junk messages and jokes that you send me have begun to take up too much of my time. I know you only have my best interests at heart and do not mean to interfere with my business schedule and free time.

But, I feel I must ask you to refrain from sending me these items. I do not request this out of spite or anger. I ask only that you please be considerate of my business schedule and free time.

You need to understand that while you are new to the Internet and the Web, I am a seasoned user who has already seen most of the "gee whiz" and funny useless information and programs available. It may be new to you, but it is old to me. Please limit your sending of these things to me. In fact, it is considered to be improper or bad netiquette to send such constant messages and forwarded jokes and can usually result in a nasty reply from some recipient who will not put this nearly as nicely as I am trying in this message.

While I understand you wishing to share funny or thoughtful items, I would appreciate it if could stop sending them to me.

Thank you for understanding my concern.

Your flattered friend


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