Thursday, November 18, 2010

Intel Matrix Storage driver Windows XP and STOP: 0x0000007B - SCCM OSD

Drop down box on the Apply Driver Package TS action only allows you to select drivers where Class=SCSIAdapter. The AHCI drivers you're talking about in this thread have Class=hdc by default.

 Follow the bellow steps to get the AHCI drivers to work:

1. Delete the nonfunctional Intel AHCI & RAID Controller drivers from my Drivers list in SCCM

2. Extract the downloaded mass storage drivers to a temp directory

3. Edit the iaahci.inf file by changing the line that says Class=hdc to instead say Class=SCSIAdapter

4. Import the driver into SCCM, add to the appropriate driver package and update my DP

5. Edit my Apply Driver Package TS to select the appropriate AHCI driver


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