Thursday, March 31, 2011

VMware Keyboard Shortcuts

F11 switches to full-screen mode and back to normal mode
Ctrl-Alt-Insert sends a Ctrl-Alt-Delete to the VMware Guest OS
Ctrl-Alt is also used for - exiting full screen mode
Ctrl-Alt-Enter Expands the current VM into full-screen. If you have a number of VMs, this sequence will also move you between virtual machines
Ctrl-Alt-Tab switch between VMs when the mouse is grabbed
Ctrl-Tab switch between VMs when the mouse is not grabbed but VMware is the active window
Ctrl-Alt is used to exit a Virtual machine from having control of your mouse and return your mouse control to the host machine
Ctrl-Alt-Space will allow you to send a keyboard sequence usually used with VMware server to the VMware guest without VMware Server recognizing it

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