Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rebooting an ESX host: reboot causes the error: Initialization for vmfs2 failed with -1

The following error message appears in the console after rebooting an ESX 3.5 host:

Initialization for vmfs2 failed with -1

This issue may occur if the service console interface does not have an IP address or if the IP address is not configured properly.
To resolve this issue:
  1. Verify the service console interface configuration and functionality with the command:
    esxcfg-vswif -l 

    Correct output includes an IP address. If it does not, proceed to step 2.
  2. Set the IP address for the service console interface with the command:
    esxcfg-vswif –a vswif0 –i –n –p "Service Console"
  3. Restart the Network Service with the following command, or reboot the host:
    service network restart

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