Sunday, November 13, 2011

Symantec backup job status shows as "Cancel Pending" for a long time

1. Click on "Tools" > " Backup Exec Services" to open the servicesmgr.exe
2. Click on "Restart all services" (In most cases, this process will get to the bengine service and appear hung)

3. 6. Locate and highlight the following services .

    Pvlsvr.exe(Backup  exec device and media service)

    Beengine.exe(Backup exec job engine service)

    Beremote.exe(backup exec Remote Agent for Windows Server service)

5.Right Click on the above services in order and click on "End Process Tree" to terminate this process.

6.Close the task manager and return to the services manager

7.After the services are terminated in Windows-

8."Restart all services" process in the services manager should continue and complete.

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