Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How to Zone a Brocade SAN Switch

HBA - Host Bus Adapter, which in this case, refers to the Fibre Channel Card. In LAN networking, it’s analogous to an Ethernet card.
WWN - World Wide Name, a unique 8-byte number identifying the HBA. In Ethernet networking, it’s analogous to the MAC address.
FC Zone - Fibre Channel Zone, a partitioned subset of the fabric. Members of a zone are allowed to communicate with each other, but devices are not allowed to communicate across zones. An FC Zone is loosely analogous to a VLAN.

Plug in the FC Connector into an open port on the switch.
  1. Login to the server and verify the HBA connection. It should see the switch but not the storage device.
  2. Login to the Brocade Switch GUI interface. You’ll need Java enabled on your browser.
  3. Check the Brocade Switch Port.
    1. On the visual depiction of the switch, click on the port where you plugged in the FC connector.
    2. The Port Administration Services screen should pop up. You’ll need to enable the pop-up.
    3. Verify that the Port Status is “Online”. Note the port number.
    4. Close the Port Administration Services screen.
  4. Find the WWN of your new device
    1. Navigate back to the original GUI page.
    2. Select Zone Admin, an icon on the bottom left of the screen. It looks like two squares and a rectangle.
    3. Expand the Ports & Attaching Devices under the Member Selection List.
    4. Expand the appropriate port number. Note the attached WWN.
  5. Create a new alias for this device
    1. Click New Alias button
    2. Follow menu instructions
  6. Add the appropriate WWN to the alias
    1. Select your new device name from the Name drop down menu
    2. Expand the WWNs under Member Selection List
    3. Highlight the appropriate WWN
    4. Select Add Member
  7. Add the alias to the appropriate zone
    1. Select the Zone tab
    2. Select the appropriate zone from the Name drop down menu
    3. Select the appropriate alias from the Member Selection List
    4. Click Add Member
  8. Ensure that the zone is in Zone Config in the Zone Config tab
  9. Save your changes by selecting ZoningActions -> Enable Config


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