Monday, September 16, 2013

Failure to install VMware Tools: Cannot find the answer BINDIR in the installer database (1013159)

A previous installation of VMware Tools has been detected.
The previous installation was made by the tar installer (version 4).
Keeping the tar4 installer database format.
You have a version of VMware Tools installed. Continuing this install will
first uninstall the currently installed version. Do you wish to continue?
(yes/no) [yes]

If you select yes, the following error message appears:

Error: Unable to find the binary installation directory (answer BINDIR)
in the installer database file "/etc/vmware-tools/locations".
Uninstall failed. Please correct the failure and re run the install.
Execution aborted

Solution:  To solve this issue, remove the /etc/vmware-tools/locations file and reinstall VMware Tools.

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lee woo said...

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