Friday, January 24, 2014

P2V Windows Server 2003 OEM Version to VMware


A. A valid open Windows 2003 license [MS Volume License]

B. A valid W2k3 Volume License CD or ISO


1. Use VMware converter to convert your server to a virtual machine.

2. Connect to converted VM

3. While still in the “Edit Settings” screen, go to the “Options” tab, then click on “Boot Options” and click the box to force you into the bios settings.

4. Open the console for the VM and start the machine

5. Boot to BIOS, make CD ROM is the first boot device.

6. Save settings and exit, Let it boot, press any key to boot from the CD

7. Choose “Install”, and then repair it.

8. Enter the CD Key in which you enter your Volume License key

9. Install VMware Tools.

10. Shutdown old server and change the address in Windows to that of the old server, test application.

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