Thursday, November 20, 2008

Move a BDC in to a new Domain

A BDC's relationship to a Domain is identified by it having the same computer SID as the other Domain Controllers (DCs). We can use NewSID from system internals to synchronize SID with new Domains DC. Simply choose the "Synchronize SID" button and enter the target computer's name. You must have permissions to change the security settings of the target computer's Registry keys, which typically means that you must be logged in as a domain administrator to use this feature.
Here are the steps you should follow when you want to move a BDC from one domain to another:
1. Boot up the BDC you want to move and log in. Use NewSID to synchronize the SID of the BDC with the PDC of the domain to which you wish to move the BDC.
2. Reboot the system for which you changed the SID (the BDC). Since the domain the BDC is now associated with already has an active PDC, it will boot as a BDC in its new domain. The BDC will show up as a workstation in Server Manager, so use the "Add to Domain" button to add the BDC to its new domain. Be sure to specify the BDC radio button when adding

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