Friday, July 8, 2011

Install Hyper Terminal in Windows 7

1. From Windows XP copy:
      * hypertrm.exe from C:\Program Files\Windows NT\
      * hypertrm.dll from C:\Windows\System32\
    to the same folder location in Windows 7.
 2. Create a shortcut for HyperTerminal on the Desktop if you wish and run the application.
 3. You will be prompted to make HyperTerminal your default Telnet program. Tick Don't ask me this question again and Click No. Why No? Well, after I've configured the routers, I'll be using SSH for remote administration.
4. You will be prompted this time to fill up the location information form. Click Cancel and click Yes to confirm the action then click OK to dismiss the matter.
5. Type your desired connection name in the Name field (I usually use console) and click OK.

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